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FM13 Patch 13.1.3 4-3-3 need some guidance

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FM13 has been by far the most challenge for me personally and from what I can tell, the community in general due to the new match engine. This change has generally been about people having to re look at how they use tactics and roles that previously worked. Perhaps one of the biggest changes has been the idea of 'collision detection' which has made many tactics that worked in FM12 (notably lone striker formations) be found out by the AI. However, then change is much more detailed than this...

Suddenly now we have to think about how to create and use space more efficiently, how different roles complement each other, fluidity of attacks and organised defending. No longer can single points of tactics work, we as players need to learn how to be reactive to situations and look at the many different parts of a tactic coming togather as one.

One of the biggest changes for me is the use of the lone forward. In past, I have used an advanced forward or poacher as the lone striker which has worked in the past due to the collision detection as wwfan has explained in other threads. One of the changes that a lot of people have been talking about is the idea of having a DLF with a support duty.

This is the current formation I am using.



Is there anything anybody feels I can do to improve this? My main fear is getitng over using a lone striker as a DLF! Completely new thing for me. A few questions..

- Do DLF tend not to make through runs to get on the end of any through balls from midfield?

- What about someone like Giroud? Can someone like him play this role?

- Does the midfield look balanced enough? Arteta's role is something I have played around with a fair amount - as a DLP support, I found him to be too deep and much of the attacking play was being broken up by a lack of support. Likewise having him as another AP support I felt this may make my midfield too lightweight.

Also I use the following shouts

Retain Possession

Play ball into space

Work ball into box

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Why a lot of 0-0's? In theory it has 4 players in attacking roles but hopefully with a mix between support roles as well.

I have no idea neither but that's what happened with my team:


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I run the same formation as Arsenal and ran into similar problems. However, I've found that simply varying the players/player roles in the formation makes a big difference. One of the hardest to figure out is the role you have Arteta in. I will switch that role constantly based on how the game is going or how I expect it to go - you are doing something similar to me by changing the role to DLP, to CM, or even BBM or AP.


I find that as a BBM Ramsey will move all over the place and help team moves, especially if it means overloading a flank. He will even appear on the right side to cap off a team move with a shot or through ball. I will use him as a BBM against a team shutting up shop. Against a team pressing I find that CM gives me a good balance, and I usually play Diaby in the role instead of Ramsey/Arteta. His strength and First Touch help break the press and he makes a lot of dangerous runs. Against a team that I am leading against I will use that same role as a DLP - by keeping him on this role I find I retain possession much easier and restrict my opponent's chances better.

If the weather is terrible and the other team is going to hoof the ball around a lot, or I expect it to be a physical game I will play an Arteta / Diaby / Frimpong midfield to get taller stronger players to play against the physical play and/or make something happen in the bad weather. I'll play Wilshere at AML as AP(s) to help retain possession or make a driving run.

Sometimes I will switch the midfield around if they are man marking a particular man; or I will move up my DM to CM(d) to push forward from a second striker dropping onto him easily, while pushing the other two midfielders forward to try and put pressure on a 4-4-2 in the soft center spot.


I prefer a quick forward or Chamakh over Giroud as a lone forward. Giroud is not bad - but I never was able to get a great performance out of him even with his size. Chamakh did a better job with ball facilitation in tight spots, or moving to unlock a defense. The quick striker I like to play as Trequartista against sides with slow DCs. I use Wellington Nem or Alex Chamberlain for this role.

As to your question about a DLF(s) making runs, they do, but Giroud does not make a lot for me. Chamakh makes more for some reason. The Trequartista makes the most runs even though he has forward runs on rare. I believe this may be due to the quickness of the player being able to decide he can /make/ a good run before he tries.

The bottom line I've found is that I never quite play the same in every game but I make a lot of small tweaks watching comprehensive/full match time. Changing players and roles makes a large impact on a 4-3-3 this year. Just a slight suggestion - find a real winger for either foot, right and left. Being able to stretch one side of a formation and put in good crosses helps a ton. It also helps the midfielders exploit space. Walcott does not perform this role well; he's a great poacher or IF.

I hope this helps someone enjoy their game more.

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