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Hi guys, I have a desktop machine and a lap top and I've been thinking about using both to play fm. Basically running the game on my main machine and organising my club on my laptop using spreadsheets. For example keeping all the information on the players, planning training schedules, tactics, finances, transfers etc. Basically everything to do with running the club worked out in detail.

This got me thinking: Am I losing touch with reality here or do others use similar methods? How do other wannabe Mourinho's who like to keep track of every little detail go about staying on top of things?

I'm just wondering if I am going round the bend or if others do similar things. How do you keep track of everything if you're the kind of fm player who likes to micromanage every detail?

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I just want to make it clear I do have a life, I just find it difficult to keep track of everything in the game. I still don't think the user interface, although better than it was, is as efficient at helping you get to information as it could be. I'm thinking doing it this way might actually speed things up, as you have all your information to hand straight away.

Maybe the game could do with some sort of mega notepad, to let you plan everything out before you make actions. So it could have a tactics planner, training planner, contracts, suspensions, notes about anything all in one place. It could let you work things out before you make decisions.

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I agree with you DM1 you have a fantastic idea, I work too but basically have no life outside of work at the moment because of financial reasons so I come home to FM everyday(even though the missus is starting to get on my back about it). I tried using pen & paper but usually lose it or end up just stop using it. But I have 2 computers and never thought about using my laptop for training results and stats reading, but I'm going to give your idea a chance myself and hopefully will be able to read my players development better.:thup:

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Basically I have a main computer and a laptop which I use for films, work, old games etc. Most of the time when I'm on FM its just sitting there on the desk so the thought occurred why not use it? Lets face it, FM is a difficult game in terms of keeping track of everything. I think having everything in one place saves endlessly going over the same screens again and again (as much as I love FM the UI is still crap) while you make your mind up about something. Also if you're a bit forgetful like me you need to have everything really organised. I also tried using a pad and paper but it doesn't really work. It usually takes me 3 to 5 months to get through a season, and another benefit of planning is remembering your train of thought when you come back to the game after a few days away from it.

How it works:

As a touch typist I can get all the information I need either typed or files taken over in no time.

My idea is an excel file with the following sheets:

1. A stats sheet with all the players stats and information which gets updated every month with changes

2. A psychological portfolio of all my players (information gained by interaction so I know the personality they have and how they react)

3. A calendar with all the matches, reminders, rest days, training changes, reviews etc in one place - every detail gets planned out here

4. Training schedule

5. Contract renewals/non renewals

6. Playing schedule for pencilling in certain players for certain matches i.e squad or promising youth players

7. Staff sheet so I can easily organise roles and attributes I need for staff

8. Tactics sheet - setting best 11, setting squad roles etc.

9. Match planning sheet - getting all the info of opposition together and notes for matches, game tactics and set pieces.

10. Pre-season planning - match schedule, playing schedule, training schedule etc.

It sounds like a good idea to me, and you can bet your life Mourinho, SAF and all the other top managers do this. Planning = success. Might make it more interesting getting into the details. And isn't the POINT about FM is to unleash your football anorak? I may try this out next week and see how I go.

I can also see why managers go mad sometimes, if they plan every detail like this and someone isn't doing what they're supposed to or it goes wrong for an offside or something that would drive you mental. I can see why they lose it.

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I just use an excel sheet to keep track of my depth chart, it would be helpful if we could edit the team report pages showing squad depth as a visualization of who we prefer in each role rather than the assistant/coaches recommendations which I hardly look.

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I use Bamboo Paper on my iPad. So an electronic notepad. I will use it mainly for taking notes about formation adjustments, ideas for scouting etc. I will also use it for scouting the opposition. Making notes on dangermen, top passers, tacklers, those with the most goals and assists. Average times of goals and adjust my strategy based on this.

A little overkill, maybe. But it's fun.

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