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[FM13] TheGreatTraveler's Nation Extensions

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I for one LOVE to load as many leagues as possible when ever I play (on View Only of course:p) as I love being able to see the league tables and other stats of as many leagues as possible :) However, I wish that some countries had bigger pyramids and that there where more playable countries so that I could either play in them or atleast have them loaded in my game.

So, I've set out in a challenge to extend as many pyramids from current playable nations AND add pyramids to some others.

The Rules For New Divisions in Already Playable Nations

  • I will not create new teams-I simply don't have the time or dedication for that. I will instead use team's already in the database to form the new divisions.
  • If the new division has actual IRL promotion/relegation to the lowest playable division in that country(Ex. England, Spain), I will make it as realistic as the editor allows me
  • If the new division does not have actual IRL promotion/relegation to the lowest playable division in that country(Colombia, USA), I will take some freedom in the format of the division(NOTE: I will make it very similar to that of the 'real' divisions(Ex. American 3rd division WOULD have Play-offs and so on))
  • I will recreate the FA Cup for each nation if need be(NOTE: I will maintain the same format (Ex. England would still have their 1 game+1 replay FA Cup))
  • Promotion/relegation will be extended to the new leagues. Should you want to reverse that, a simple request in this thread should result in me releasing a version without the promotion/relegation to the new leagues(All other changes will remain).

The Rules For Pyramid Creation in Non-Playable Nations

  • I will not create new teams(At first anyways)-I simply don't have the time or dedication for that. I will instead use team's already in the database to form the pyramid(This shouldn't be a problem for the first few divisions in each country)
  • I will attempt to make each pyramid is accurate as accurate as possible to it's real life counterpart.
  • Should I create a new division that does not have promotion/relegation IRL, the rules to the New Divisions Will Apply(There will be promotion/relegation).
  • I will create any cups that the country has as accurate as the editor allows me, with some changes possibly done should they be needed(Not enough teams in database/extra teams in database)

Coming Up.....

  • Colombia-Extended to a Playable Third Division with Restructured Colombian Cup

Any suggestions/requests for countries you want to see done will be placed above

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RELEASE: Colombia Pyramid Extension v1.0

The Leagues:

  • First Division: Not touched in Editor, 1 relegation spot and 1 relegation play-off spot
  • Second Division: Not touched in Editor, 1 relegation spot, 8 play-off spots(2 groups of 4, then final. Winner of final promoted, loser of final play's promotion play-off)
  • Third Division: 3 groups of 18 teams(54 total). Each team play's home and away against each team in their group. Top two teams from each group at the end play in a 6 team 1 leg knock-out competition(Draw made randomly), with the winner being promoted.

The Cups:

  • Colombian Cup: Mantain's same format as IRL one, but extended to include all 54 Third Division teams.
    • Group Stage: All 90 teams from the 3 division divided into 15 groups of 6 teams each(IRL it's 6 groups of 6 team's each for top 2 divisions). Top 64 teams qualify for next round(Top 4 in each group and the 4 5th placed team's with the most points)

    • Round of 64, Round of 32, & Round of 16: One match direct knockout between the 64 remaining teams. Extra Time and penalties if not decided in 90 minutes

    • Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Final: 2 legged series, with Extra Time and penalties after the second leg if the matches are not decided in the 180 minutes. No Away goals rule.

    [*]Colombian SuperCup: Mantains IRL format, winner of Apertura against winner of Clausura from the first division over 2 legs

Download Link v1.0

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Oh it will be great!

Well, I think Wikepedia includes description of all major Uzbek Leagues:

Uzbek League:


First Division:


Second Division:


Uzbek Cup:



Winner League vs. Winner Cup

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There are wiki pages explaining the league system for most countries. In the case of Lithuania: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_in_Lithuania

In general just google 'country football league system wiki' and you will find a descritpion of the league structure in that country.

When Lithuania completed, please do Estonia and Latvia. That would make a full set of Baltic leagues

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