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Applying Custom Photos to Profile ID's


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Dear All,

I have noticed that if you start a new game after you have successfully put your profile photo in, it changes the ID number so the photo has disappeared!

Eg - Joe Bloggs (ID Number on the game 13999999) has the profile picture I edited which is fine when I start the game.

However, if you then start a new game Joe Bloggs might have a ID Number of 13999991 - which means his profile picture has disappeared unless you re-edit the config file again.

Anyone know how to rectify this issue?

Many Thanks in advance

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You certainly can. You can use the following to amend the entry in your config file. As long as you keep the same name and DOB it should always work regardless of what the unique ID is when starting a game.

Normal Face

<record from="FILE_NAME" to="graphics/pictures/person/{FIRSTNAME} {SURNAME} {BIRTHDAY_DD}-{BIRTH_MONTH_MM}/portrait"/>

Small Face

<record from="FILE_NAME" to="graphics/pictures/person/{FIRSTNAME} {SURNAME} {BIRTHDAY_DD}-{BIRTH_MONTH_MM}/icon"/>

So for example if your players name was John Smith and he was born 30th March (year doesn't matter) and the filename of your graphic was johnsmith the line for the normal face would look like:

<record from="johnsmith" to="graphics/pictures/person/john smith 30-03/portrait"/>

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Thanks radestock

I've entered what you said at the bottom of the config file of the existing giant facepack and its still not showing up in the game for some reason.

I've clicked on reload skin in preferences as well but still no joy. I am doing this on an existing saved game, should I be starting a new game completely or will that make no difference?


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