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Does traveling impact your players?

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Let me give you a scenario I've just encountered in the game.

I have created a FIFA Champions League, using 128 countries and the top two teams from each. I am running Celtic, and in the first round I drew a team from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now, my tactics have been good enough to win my first six or seven matches on the bounce, including four Champions League qualifiers, and some league games.

However, in the DOC everything went slightly tits-up. I lost 4-1. Now, this could be down to tactics, but I doubt it. Then it dawned on me that a journey like that (three days after a league match) would be ... exhausting.

Is that a possible contributory factor? Does the game account for long-distance travel, and how big an impact does it have? More importantly, is there a way to mitigate against it?

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