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Hello, I'm new to the forum and after reading some of the stories on this forum, I'm going to write my own story. I have written on other forums but I want to have a shot at writing on this one. :)

The Challenge

The challenge is based on Makoto's one but I will start in an entirely random country which will be decided by an on-line generator. I will only try to win the top division and national cup(s) in order to move to a new country which will also be randomly generated and I will try to win the Champions League equivalent in that continent. Nevertheless, it will be a borderline impossible challenge.

Hopefully I will be able to provide an update on my first destination either later today or tomorrow.

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I have all the countries in my generator and I'm about to draw them. Lets find out where I'm going:

1. Israel

2. Argentina

3. Holland

4. Wales

5. Finland

6. Iceland

7. Poland

8. India

9. South Africa

10. Malaysia

11. Norway

12. Switzerland

13. Scotland

14. Portugal

15. Columbia

16. Brazil

17. Singapore

18. Denmark

19. Czech Republic

20. Croatia

21. Bulgaria

22. Uruguay

23. Greece

24. South Korea

25. Russia

26. Ukraine

27. France

28. USA

29. Northern Ireland

30. Slovakia

31. Romania

32. Belarus

33. Chile

34. Australia

35. Hong Kong

36. Ireland

37. Serbia

38. Austria

39. Slovenia

40. China

41. England

42. Belgium

43. Turkey

44. Mexico

45. Germany

46. Peru

47. Hungary

48. Italy

49. Indonesia

50. Spain

51. Sweden

Can't wait to start in Israel. I've never managed there and I will give you an update on who I've joined within the next few days.

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Hello guys, welcome to the first instalment in my journey to achieve the impossible (to win nearly every domestic trophy in the game). If you had read above, you would have found my first country that I will be playing in is:



I started the game unemployed and with Sunday league reputation and ventured into the big bad world of football management. When the game started there was two jobs available and after I applied for them, I was surprised with the response:


They both wanted me (Unfortunately the image uploader didn't seem to want the screenshot of the other job) and having thought about it I decided to go to (I'm sure you've heard of them ;) ):




We play in the Second tier of Israeli football and are predicted to be mid table. I have to say that their stadium is amazing :D



We had a few very good players especially in Rosenbaum and Akiremy. Also we have a young squad which is always a bonus as we can improve though time.




We managed to add a few good players to our squad. However, we had one MAJOR obstacle facing us:


According to the board, scouting is too expensive even though we have about £800,000 in the bank. :mad:


Despite this, we managed to bring in three very good players which I believe could go staight in the first team:






The tactics I will be using this season will be 4-5-1 because it suits the players we have in our team. Fast wingers will be used to supply a lone striker with central midfielders supporting in attack and defence. Hopefully it will work.




We were unlucky to lose against Beitar ( A Premier League team) and had a very convincing 4-1 win against Kfar-Kana. I rotated a bit for the other 3 games to allow fringe to get a game.


And so begins the impossible challenge. A marathon begins with a single step and hopefully this step is in the correct direction. I will try to give you an update soon on our league performance soon.

I will leave you with a nice message from the board:



Thank you for reading, stay classy :D

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if you manage to get the save back, I was Nes Ziona a bit ago on my save (which I have as a career on here but haven't updated in ages :(http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/319376-FM13-Journeyman-career?p=8191774) and managed to win the League and the FA Cup in my first season with them

Akiremy and Tsagay are fantastic, keep them at all costs

I also liked Emmanuel Mathias, Haim Megrelashvilli, and Eric Addo on free transfers, give them a look

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