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I doubt this is a bug hence i posted it here instead.

But on FM2012, you pretty much knew where you stood.

3 star players in the prem were about average,

4 star players were very very good footballers

5 star players were world beaters, the likes of messi and such...

Im FM13 the star ratings seem to have got a bit well, fuzzy....

For example Ron Vlaar of of villa is 4 stars... i mean really have you seen him play... this is from a scout/coach with 20 for JPA.... coupled with the fact that on FM13 he just isnt very good either makes me wonder whats going on....

In FM12 i pretty much had my scouts exclusively searching for 4star and above rated under 21's the world over, knowing they would be at worst superb footballers.....

Seems that theyl give anyone 4 stars these days LOL...

Anyone else noticed..?

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That isn't how it worked in fm12, star ratings have always been relative to your own squad, as they are now.

This. FM13's Star Ratings are relative to your squad, not your reputation or your league's overall strength

As Boca, most of my team's players have lost half-a-star-rating in the last season, but I quickly understood that the reason that thing happened was that my youngsters are way too good now (I have a chilean regen that was not even a first-choice player that is now a first-choice player, on loan at Atlético Madrid)

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Yea, its based on your squad. A 4 star rating means that player will be the best player in your squad, and so on. A 5 star player should be good enough for anyones squad.

It means you have to be careful though. In my second transfer window (first with money) I bought a young centre back rated at 5 stars. But 3 seasons on he is only rated at 3 stars (even when I scouted him thoroughly with a 20/20 scout).

At 3 stars he is a good player, but i wonder if I should have spent most of my budget on bringing him in. If I do need to sell him, though, I should make a profit.

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