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No generated faces

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i just started a new game, but i can't see "generated faces"' I see a grey silhouette instead. I checked "show real and generated faces" in preferences

I just hate not to see faces. I have my unsder19 team, so there are some generated players for sure, also I've checked some 14-15 years players(obviously generated) - no faces.

Please help!

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Have you installed any skins or logo packs?

I raised this as an issue in the bugs forum but no-one responded. After some extra research I found the following which might help -

1. Verify the game cache via Steam in the game settings.

2. Delete the game cache as shown in the FAQ on here somewhere

3. Re-start the computer and game

4. Move your saved game, delete and reinstall FM

I havent tried them all yet but let me know if you have any success

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