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I'm struggling to get my striker to make runs

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Hi all!

I'm playing as Bath City, currently in the BSS. I'm utilising a quite unothordox 4-5-1 formation and, when playing against teams who defend quite deep, my striker seems to really struggle to make runs/create space. He's got a pace attribute of 15 but never seems to be able to shake off the defence, so I was wondering whether anyone has tips for me to make this happen.


I play on the counter and try to draw teams out to create space for the striker but it doesn't seem to work, and he's failing to score as many as I thought he would at this level.


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Well.... the Advanced Forward will generally be A) High up the pitch when you first get possession and B) Will highly likely make a run forwards.

ie..... he is already playing on the shoulders of the DC, so there is NO space for him to move into. He does have roaming and channels enabled, which should see him move laterally into space with and without the ball. However, you have a Winger on the left probably taking some of this space, the same on the right and an AP(A) which will move forwards into his space.

Now, it is possible for him to still do all of this, BUT yo might want him doing it DEEPER that way, the others can move beyond him whilst he holds up the ball.

I've no idea about the quality of your team or your striker, but you might be better off with a CF(S). Very similar instructions on the movement front, but the CF(S) will hold off on his forward runs a little and willl try to play the rest of the team in.

Really, with such an attacking front man, your other wingers and AMC should be supplying him, but instead they are driving forwards. Personally I'd be changing the striker to (S) and keep the others as (A) or vice versa, but I wouldn't have them all as (A).

One BIG thing I found out early in this version (thanks to Mr Cleon) is that in order for your players to move INTO space, there must BE space. I see space, in basic terms, as the settings the ME seems to have. You have wide, channels and center. Here, your striker is centre, your AP will be inc the channels and your wingers wide.... that leaves him with just one space, his left channel...



ps.... be wary of the roles. Don't change it until you know if your striker can do it.

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Well, it depends on which way you want him running. If it's forwards then he is already to high. If it's laterally, then the others will be in his way.

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Agree with Lam regarding the roles. It's probably not so much that he's not making runs but that he's not making runs worth noting, so they're not shown in the highlights and he's not finding the space to actually receive the ball. Simplest way to create space would be to possibly drop deeper sometimes or play a more counterattacking game. If teams defend deep against you, and you've got your wingers and even your B2B midfielder all going into their area, space will be at a premium.

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