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4231 for Patch 13.1.3

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i've been trying to upload some images to this thread for hours now, and i cant seem to get it to work, so i'll just post my explaining text. Anyone who is interested can check out my more detailed thread at:


After much testing, i've finally decided to release my new versions of the 4231.

After a lot of frustration with the tactic creator, i reverted back to making tactics in the classic mode. I used a tactic that brought me much success in FM12 as the backbone for my new version, although i ended up completely altering it. It has brought me great success in my 4th season as Wolves, i'm 1st in the league and finshed 1st in my CL group. Won the Community Shield and European Super Cup. I'm out of both cups though, lost in the semi-final of the CO Cup to United after being outclassed in the second leg. And lost on penalties to Arsenal in the FA Cup after they equalised int he last minute of regular time. Appart from that i have 2 losses all season, away to Bayern Munich in CL and away to West Ham in a match we should have won by a fair margin. i'll post screenshots of these results and others further down the post.

The tactic is very strong at home and away to weaker or similar opponents, however it struggles away against stronger opposition. i believe this comes down to the very slow tempo and very short passing it employs. the team finds it difficult to get balls forward where the front players can create danger. So i have developed a second tactic, to play away against stronger teams. I'm not as happy with this tactic as i am with the original one, i've only used it for a few games, but i havent lost a game using it yet. Although it definately needs further testing and possible tweaking. I will be relying on feedback and ideas from people who try them out to try and improve it. The original tactic i think is very close to its final version, although, changes for the better are always welcomed, so if you have any ideas please let me know!

Classic 4231 by Veez

This tactic plays a deep d-line and defensive mentality, however it is lethal in attack and plays some beautiful flowing football up front. It plays very narrow and with a very slow tempo.

I play deep, but my defenders close down very high up the pitch. the idea behind this, is to not get caught out with throughballs behind the defence, and still be able to regain balls through anticipation from behind. there are some downfalls though, sometimes it is hard to shake off intense pressure around the area, but taking into accont the tactic controls most of the match and posession, teams will normally try and hit you on the break, and this setting is perfect to defend against that.

Originaly my full backs had very high closing down too, but i recently changed that, as i found that, playing with no ML or MR to mark and close down opposing full backs, my full back will close down the opposing full back if he has the ball near him and leave the AMR or AML open to receive the ball on the wing. My fullbacks are also set to man mark. If you arent lazy, leave it as zonal and do individual marking before every game, because if you leave default man marking, they will sometimes mark the forwards inside the area and leave the second post open for a cross. its a sure goal everytime! The fullbacks are simple minded as are the CB's, and will look to retain posession and find players up the field, although they have an offensive mentality and will show up down the wing to cross late into the area.

Then i have two very hard working midfield players. They have to be able to defend well and handle the ball well too, because they will constantly by looking to feed the ball to the playmaker or support him in from behind. they will also normally close down opposing full backs or try to regain the ball in the middle of the park. They too had higher closing down at first, but i reduced it, because they were getting skinned too often, so i prefer them to retain their position.

The Brain! The playmaker! In front of the CM's and in the middle of the AM's, he will look to receive the ball and try killer balls either to the AM's or the poacher in the area. This is a very important player, although the opposition will sometimes mark him very tightly, so if you find he is not producing what he normally does, untick the playmaker role.

Two very creative all round inside forwards. These players do it all, play killer balls into the area through the middle, cross from the wing, or show up in the area for the finish. Vital to the teams offensive performance.

The poacher, quick and clinical. He is set to target man, run onto ball. Carlos Fierro is a GOD in this position! he will also look to play other players in, either by clever flick on's in the area or by crossing the ball from channels.

Classic 4231 Counter by Veez

This tactic is very similar to the previous one. It only differs because the players are set in more defensive positions, the fullbacks have a more defensive mentality and the passing is not so short. It also plays at a higher tempo. appart frm that the idea is the same. Bear in mind that this tactic does need more work. I'm not entirely happy with it yet. But i will continue to test it and tweak it if i find areas where it can be improved. i'll appreciate all the help and feedback i can get in this department, as well as for the other tactic.

cant seem to be able to attach files either. can someone please help me out? i dunno why it doesnt accept my screenshots, they are png, and i've never had a problem uploading on any other site.

as soon as i figure this out i'll update my post properly

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