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Choosing a pitch size.

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I'm really not sure what size I should choose. Depending on the team I'm playing my width would either be (attacking) wide or (counter/defensive) normal.

I play the following formation


I have the following options for my pitch size, what would be best?

Minimum allowed: 100yds x 60yds

Maximum allowed: 121yds x 80yds

Standard: 111yds x 71yds

Short: 100yds x 77yds

Narrow: 115yds x 60yds

If you need anymore information, let me know.


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If you have attacking DL/DRs then select maximum allowed as they will run with the ball to the wings and pass it to your mids or AMR/AMLs. However, if your DL/DRs arent on forward runs/run with ball then select standard pitch size.

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