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Does anyone else utilise a wage structure?

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Just curious :)

I'm not going to spell out the entirety of mine in detail, but to give you an idea for one Squad status


Squad Rotation Player

Wage: 3-4% of Total Wage Budget

Loyalty Bonus: 5-10% of Wage

Agent Fee: 5-10% of Wage

Goal Bonus: 0.5-2% of Wage

Appearance Bonus: 0.5-2% of Wage

Promotion Bonus: 5-10% of Wage

Team of the Year Bonus: 5-10% of Wage

Top Goalscorer Bonus: 10-20% of Wage

Season Landmark Goal Bonus [Def 5, Mid 10, ST 15]: 5-10% of Wage

Wage After International Appearances [5 Caps]: 150% of Wage

Those clauses highlighted in Blue are mandatory.

Those clauses highlighted in Red are only provided if requested, or if negotiations are stalling.

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