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Does turning down the England job effect your chances of getting the job in the future?

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On my save i have got my BSN side into the prem, i am now considered a world class manager after finishing 3rd and 2nd in the Prem the last 2 seasons and winning the europa league and capital cup twice.

On my way to this success i had been offered the england job while i was in League one many years ago, which i rejected as i wanted to focus on promoting my team. Then a few years later i got offered the job again in the Championship, which i also rejected.

So it is now 2025 and the England job has become available I thought now the time was right to take the job, but now even though im considered a better manager than i was when i was offered the job (twice without even applying) they just laugh off my interest and continue to look elsewhere.

Being a world class english manager i would have thought id be a shoe in to get the job.

So does anyone think it is possible they are still holding a grudge because i rejected them twice in the past? is this even possible in the game?


Now they have appointed Michael Appleton who got sacked by Bolton almost 2 years ago and who hasnt worked since!


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