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Vacant team bug

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I'm noticing a large amount of teams - mainly international, are not filling vacant spaces.

Most olmypic teams are left unmanaged even when their tournament begins - Brazil u23's even where their should be a huge database. - I'm not even able to apply. I can click the button but my application doesn't go through.

Belgium U19 is the same

Senior Jobs. Poland have been unmanaged since 2016, it's been well over a year now since they employed anybody.

Chile, Ghana and Congo are the same. I can understand Congo may not have the database.

At club level Feyenoord have gone months without a manager without any transfer embargo.

Falkirk have been 2 months without a manager and I fear they may join my list of permanently available jobs.

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Now you mention it, mine as well. The PSV job was available for 9-10 months on my last save from October until start of the following season, and there's always a long list of available jobs that seem to take a while to fill (play full English, German, Dutch, Belgium, Spanish and Italian leagues).

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