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"weaker foot"

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It may sounds strange and at first seems obvious, but I'd like a bit of input on "weaker foot" Opposition Instructions, particularly when dealing with wrong footed wingers.

Say you're facing a player who is left-footed but playing on the right wing. Showing him to his weaker foot means forcing him to cross with his right. With more technical, "one and a half footed" players (reasonable with the weaker foot), does this, in fact, encourage them to get to the byline and cross? Also, does the "show onto weaker foot buy the player more time? After all, he would have to pause, turn, hold up the ball, and in those awful circumstances, launch a diagonal throughball for the onrushing striker to score...?

Just wondering how people deal with that.

Myself, I use it sparingly, and mostly for conventional wingers and wingbacks and strikers. Inside forwards with poor crossing and technique tend to be good too because it forces them towards the touchline to whip in a poor-quality cross.

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