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Help with creating chances

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Im running as Borussia Monchengladbach in Germany Im in my second season and am hovering around mid table, not to bad but my main issue is scoring, my defence is solid enough but I cannot score loads

In FM12 I had alot of success with a 4-2-4 tactic with Attacking strategy

After trail and error and a failed game with Motherwell (decent first season and sacked in second) I have decided 4-2-4 attacking isnt the way to go

So Im trying a 4-1-2-2-1

Back four





In front of them I have a


Then 2 centre mids currently on (right to left)



Right winger and left wingers are on line between mid and attack and are:



Striker is DLF A

Im playing with a standard strategy, fluid style

Team instructions are:

Passing: Shorter

Creative: More Expressive

Closing Down: Press More

Counter attack: Yes

Everything else including all player attributes is default and I use shouts pre game normally:

Play out of defense

Get Stuck in

Pass to feet

Play through defense

Hassle opponents

Tried both Get ball forward and Retain possesion

Depending on who Im playing I will add:

Expliot Flanks with Look for overlap and Play wider or

Exploit middle with play narrower

and tweeks I can make to improve my goal scoring to over a goal a game?

Would an attacking strategy leave me to open?

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Hi mate,

I believe you are trying to play the same way I played with Newcastle and finished 3rd in my first season.

Here are my tips

DM change to deep lying play maker and get your goalkeeper to defender collect to him (if he is good on the ball, leon brittian done this for me)

Limit the number of through balls your players do, I used sometimes ONLY, and only to players capable of making these passes.

I would also change your striker to a trequesita (or however you spell it) Run with ball often too.

I notice that you are trying to get a mix in attack with the wings doing the opposite. e.g. one full back attacking and one winger moving inside. I tried this however it wasnt working so made full backs support and wingers attack.

The shouts I would only use depending on the game. I also tried using shouts from the start but it doesnt work. In fact I noticed a drop in possesion some times when using retain possesion, however as i said it depends on the game.

I also use more roaming and balance expression.

I also use balanced instead of fluid, although my formation was training to fluid, i rarely used it.

The biggest problem i had was when i created a chance my forward players werent taking them, my forward players didn't have anything above 11 for finishing, something I have learned from my first season.

Finally i noticed a big difference in using VERY HIGH TACTIC training in preason. No one complained and no injuries accured. However I uploaded the scottish league which starts earlier than most leagues and gives you an extra week training with no games.

I also found it benefical to train players to specific attributes, rather than a position. I tried training all players to their position until january with no training updates or big increases, however when i changed it to specific attributes i was getting constant postitive updates and increases.

Hope this helps!

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