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[APP] Tactical Roles Compatability Rating Calculator by FMH.Ucoz.com

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While people are waiting for FMH 2013 I would like to introduce you my Excel spreadsheet - "Tactical Roles Compatability Rating Calculator". The work is still in progress but I decided to post it here now because I need your help (will talk about it few lines down).


How to Use it?

To get the role compatibility rating you have to simply insert desired players attributes in the columnes marked by "#" sign. After that on the right you will get your result in percents. Mind that it is impossible to get 100%.

What is it useful for?

You can find hundreds of ways to use this tool. For example: deciding which player to play on which role in tactic you downloaded from somewhere, building your own tactics around players you have, finding out weather your striker can play on wing back position, or simply comparing two players + thousands of other ways.

Additional Information:

This tool was brought to you by newly-founded website Fmh.ucoz.com which is already the biggest Russian-speaking FMH community. Mind that work is still in progress, so if you found a bug or have some suggestions or questions post it in the calculator thread in official SIGames forums. Thank You.

When new roles will be added?

As soon as I get enough ratings in surveys below

Now as for your help, the attributes importance is calculated by peoples' opinnion. So, I need you to submit yours for roles listed:

Defensive Winger


Wide Mid.

Inside Forward

Defensive Fwd.

Complete Fwd.

Advanced Fwd.

Deep Lying Fwd.

Target Man


And a bit more for this:

Advanced Playmaker

In this surveys in first form you have to write you nickname here, or maybe on my site.

Unfortunatelly, I dont have permissions to post the attachments, so I have to provide link to my site, which means you will have to register. That wont take long especially if used any of ucoz based sites before, but I would be happy if I could post it here.

Download Link - Russian Version also availible.

http://fmh.ucoz.com/load/football_manager_handheld_2012_ios_android/drugoe/roles_calc_en/6-1-0-5 - Outfield Roles

http://fmh.ucoz.com/load/football_manager_handheld_2012_ios_android/drugoe/cfddfcddfc/6-1-0-6 - Goalkeeper

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This may sound odd but if you have the full fm13 version, could you not just use that to look up the preffered roles of a player? I did use something similar way back for fm08 or 09. The original may still be on the tactics forum, that may help in the further development of this.

That said, it is a nice addition, will it be a download or mini app for fmh? My nexus 7 does not have a excel spreadsheet currently?

Link that may help:http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/198341-ProZone-s-FM10-Squad-Analysis-Tool-***New-amp-Improved***

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Yes fm 13 pc was one of my birthday presents =) I will look at your link as soon as I come home.

I am currently planning to do an Android app, but to do this I have to firstly finish my spreadsheet and then a bit improve my android programming skills. But now I think you can use one of this free office apps, or try to use Google docs (part of Google Drive now).

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The idea of a positional rating based on player attributes has been out there for ages, in scouting apps for the PC version of Football Manager. I had downloaded one of those for Championship Manager 3 :D

I have fiddled around with something similar for FMH, and it's there in FMHVibe as linked by Dec. The only novelty I brought was to use "crowd-knowledge" in order to quantify the importance of attributes for different roles.

Maxmaximov's attempt was fair, but some credit would have been adequate and polite - however I'm not bothered by being copied whatsoever.

In terms of implementation it is rather more limited than an online spreadsheet I had available. Max's file only allows input of attributes and rating results for a single player, making comparing different players quite cumbersome.

In a perfect world, a scouting app should have been created for iOS/Android, which would properly load FMH save game files and display players in the database in a spreadsheet format, with the possibility of sorting players by positional rating, sorting, filtering, etc. Hopefully someone steps up and creates it.

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It would be nice if the game told us the important attributes for player roles like the full version does...

I can do my best guessing from experience and comparing with the full version, but some attributes aren't so easy to figure out. Like last year I asked where the "Work Rate" attribute was in FMH. To almost everyone's surprise it was in "Teamwork" instead of "Stamina".

Maybe they want to keep us guessing, but at some point we should get a definitive answer as to what is what.

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