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Is There A Transfer Guide for MLS?

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I'm not sure there's many people on here who do play in the MLS, as I have also struggled to find advice. I have managed to pick things up after a couple of seasons of experience.

It is quite hard to know what allocation fund teams are going to accept, but i guess it is just like using real money in any other league; bringing any kind of cash to the table won't guarantee an accepted bid. I've started to look at it like £1 of allocation is the same as £1 of real money.

I do struggle now to see the benefit of doing trades in the US. I could use up all my allocation fund on a decent MLS player, or I can use real cash on a better foreigner, and can then save my allocation fund.

I dunno. Anyway, if you have any specific things I can try to help. I've been looking for guides myself, but to no avail.

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Make sure you have enough allocation money to actually do a deal, because I've learned from experience that most teams aren't going to do straight up player-for-player deals. You've gotta sweeten the pot w/ allocation cash, and maybe a draft pick or 2 if the player is really good or an international slot if the guy is a superstar.

I've made plenty of trades following this rule; hell, in the first year of my Portland save, I was able to get Chris Wondolowski from San Jose in exchange for Diego Chara, $150k, and a draft pick. Turned out to be a marvelous piece of business since Wondo ended up putting in 29 goals that season and led us to a Supporter's Shield. On top of that, I was able to get the draft pick back by offering out some deadweight and getting draft picks in exchange for the deadweight. I've had years where I've had 4 first round draft picks thanks to trades. I'm not saying it'll work out like that everytime (I've had situations where I've offered a team 650k, 2 1st round draft picks, and 2 players for just one superstar and the team still said no so it really depends on who you're working with; building up good relationships w/ other managers REALLY helps), but as long as you sweeten the pot well enough, you can be wheeling and dealing in no time.

But to sum it all up, allocation money & draft picks are like gold. Offer enough of it and you can get anybody in the league you want, almost.

(Also, make sure to monitor the contract expiry dates for players overseas. I was able to sign Clint Dempsey on a free DP contract about 5 seasons in. Might be getting on in age but he's still a monster in MLS.)

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