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creating Champions league style domestic cup


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Hey guys, i'm currently editing Scotland and its divisions and cups, My current set-up consists of

18 team Premiership

18 team Championship

16 team 1st Division

12 team 2nd Division

Which is where my problem comes in im looking to delete the League cup and Challenge cup and replace it with a group style competition but i dont see any option for that kind of competition in editor.

There would be no qualification as each league team would be entered into a group of 4 consisting of 16 groups giving me the 64 teams.

they play twice and top team goes through into a knockout round of 16 then 8 and so forth.

If anyone can help me work out how to achieve this ans tell me how to work it then id be thankful

Cheers Kevlar

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Right lads, i did find out how to create and edit the set-up of the competition but i'm stuck with the set-up of the rounds in the cup -

What im wanting is 64 teams in 16 groups of 4 teams. They play each other twice and the top team progresses into the knockout rounds of 16.

My problem is when i set this up its saying my round is too soon after the previous round, ive tried spreading this over the full season but it still happens. Ideally i want to play the league part before christmas then have the knockout rounds starting in january.

If anyone can walk me through this set-up or have any pointers d appreciate them very much cheers


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