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FM 11 - HELP! formations trouble? Any hidden tactics file?

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Anyone have an idea where the preset tactics file or so is?

I have this problem where all staff in my FM11-game has there preferred formations-setting all mixed up and wrong.

It´s really weird as almost all showing preferred tactics are set as 442 or 532...

For one thing it´s a frustrating bug?!? But also; Imagine how fun it will be to play the game if all managers seems to preferr (and then likely use) the same tactics!! Booooring soon :(

I.ex Pep Guardiola has 442 as preferred formations...as most of Barca´s staff and many, many, many others that are supposed to have some other formation as favourite.

To clarify the problem i.ex. Guardiola is supposed to have a 433 set at start of game. Posted a pic to explain the problem better.


Even if I then try change it in FM11s own editor or later in the FMRTE not even that will do.

Contracts, ablities etc gets changed as edited, but formations...Nope, no chance :(

Also in tactics creator preset tactics (like 3412 which I like to use) is missing. I can create it, but it ain´t there at startup ....

I Have uninstalled with REVO, searched registry, cleaned cahce, followed all instructions on making a clean uninstall here, and then reinstalling. Tried 4-5 different ways. And now, even after restoring my PC to factorysettings problem still persists!!! :(

Now I am all out of ideas. Sooo frustrating.....



All I can think of is that it must be SOME HIDDEN FILE(s)with set tactics or so that I can´t seem to find and delete(or repair).

Anyone got a clue if there are som hidden folder/file in windows or so that is hard to find or search for???

Or is it a patch-problem?

Or if anyone has ANY other suggestions?

Really appreciating any suggestions!Thanx in advance ;)

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Thanx for a quick reply Cleon!

But, not to be rude, please read again ;)

That´s just about the problem.

I have tried everything, editing via FM11 editor, FMRTE editor to no help, uninstalling, installing with or without steam,editing again, uninstalling cleaning traces etc, editing again. Done ALL I CAN THINK OF but to no use.

I.ex. Pep is set to 443 in 11.3 database, but even in a new game he and most managers/coaches in the game is set as 442 , and many also as 532.

Also after editing...still same thing.

It even sais in FMRTE that Pep has 433 as preferrred and I changed/edited other staff to. But no matter what it say in FMRTE or DATABASES...on the ingame-sceens it sais "Preferred formation 442"!

Even after a uninstalling, cleaning, deleting in registry etc and then installing it wont help!! Tried 3-4 times at least, so...You can imagine the frustration! :(

So that´s why I start to wonder if there is any hidden files I can´t find? Like in some windowsfolder or so on?

(Either some tactics file or some old corrupted backup from some editing or so.)

Thanx anyhow for a quick reply and for trying ;)

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No, but that´s not the problem Cleon. I don´t need them to USE that tactic, but I´ve got some kind of bug/corrupted file that messes it up.

ANd if they use their preferred formations, which I guess is the idéa of that setting, then how fun will my games be if all of them has most managers turns out to be using 442 in game!?!

All I will face then is an absurd amount of teams using 442, 532-formations, cause that´s basically what 80% of the staff is set to. That is the problem.

Some corrupted file or something, that hides somewhere in my laptop, is messing my FM11 up...no matter if I make a clean install.

And of course I´m also worried it influences other functions in the game, like matchenginge and so on, if there is some tacticssettings-file that is corrupted and I can´t find it.

Sorry If I´m notmaking myself clear enough, but english is not my first language. :(

Hope you get my point/concerns now. Thanx again Cleon

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Hahaha...Ok, I´ll try make it in steps:

1) In the database staff can have a few formations set as PREFERRED FORMATION, like 442, 532, 343, 442, 4231 Denmark, 343 and so on

2) A few examples:

Pep Guardiola -------has 433 as his 1st option, HIS FAVOURITE OPTION!! (His 2nd option is 4231-Denmark.)

Roy Hodgson--------has 4231-denmark as his 1st (and 442 as second)

Roberto Donadoni---has 352 as 1st

Klaus Toppmöller ----has 3412

and so on.....

3) The favourite one of these is then shown in the game as their PREFERRED FORMATION. Also I assume it´s the one they are most likely to USE AS MANAGER in the "gameworld" when I´m playing.

4) NOW THIS IS IN THE DATABSE but my problem comes when I starta game :(


5) When I start a new game , for some reason, the preferred formation on almost all managers are set to just a few different tactics. Mainly just 442 and some 532s.

6) Other tactics like 4411, 3412, 451 and so on are just GONE no matter if the manager has it as 1ST OPTION/FAVOURITE.

7) Hence I have a full gameworld of 442-freaks everytime I start the game.


A- If it´s a bug/corrupted file - Will it have influence on more than this. (like Matchengine, gameplay, training, individual tactics settings)?

B- Will it mean that all managers use the same tacticts sort of, which will make the game/matches kind of dull and boring very soon

See, these are MY REAL WORRIES. My game will be corrupted or suffer from this bug,making the GAMEPLAY TO PREDICTABLE and boring or even worse, crashing after a while. ( I dont care/worry as much about my own staffs pref. formations. )


9) So I tried editing some staff both before (in FM11-editor) and in-game (using FMRTE)...but even If I change PREFERRED in editors, in the game it still will say 442!! Even in the FMRTE it won´t work!

10) The most crazy thing is I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3-4 times and started new games with a clean install, and still the same problem.

11) even did registryfixes, searches on PC cleaning all traces I can find.

And still, AFTER DOING THAT TWICE, the same bug/problem is there when reinstalling! :(


12) Hence my question:

Is it possible there is some hidden files/folder, maybe which has some tactics settings or so on, that I just hasn´t found when cleaning my laptop from traces. Files that then may influence/corrupt my new installs?

It´s all i can come up with, especially after even doing the uninstall according to all the steps given by Si-games here on forums, cleaning after that from traces, and it still won´t help.....

Kind of the weirdest problem I ever had with FM11 and played it since cm 97/98. So frustrating :(

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I think so. Newest 11.3-patch for fm11


Filedescription/productversion: 11.3 0f178533

I even tried download the patch from different places if that was the problem, like a corrupted patch-file or something.

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Updated now with a picture as the problem still persists even after I did restore my laptop to factorysettings. Now I´m really all out of clues, and so frustrated with this crap!!!

Can it be that there are different, newer/older , versions of the 11.3-patch?

Ad some slightly updated version like the I have is a newer one with some kind of bug in it?

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Trying a last time! Anyone has a clue what this all can be about. Having the same problem still on another computer. Same dvd-disc, no problem from start, and now this. As soon as I update to 11.3

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