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FMH'13 Players, Wonderkids, Stats, Roles Thread

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Luuk de jong - Gladbach, priced 9.25 at the start, will only be sold at around 20 mil, I usually use the part exchange and offer a player around 5 mil and pay the rest in cash. He is at 21 years of age.

But as the above comment has said, Giroud is much more ready to win matches for you, he is at 8.25 mil, age 25

Both of these players are Hardworking.

As an investment for the future, Yassne Benzia, age 17, adaptable, only around 2.7 mil, I think it's a good idea to buy him and loan him until he gets good.

Midfield wise I love Lucas Moura, 19 at 9.25 mils, he can cover any position on the opposite half of the field and will please your borad very happily. His selling price would go under 20 mil.

Another one worth mentioning is Ikay Gundogan, 21 with 18 creativity MC, 8.75 mils, having him makes an big difference on how many times you see the 2D match.

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