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Adding a manager profile pic after the game has started?

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I added a picture for my manager which seemed to remove itself after installing the latest steklo skin with custom backgrounds (no idea why) so I'd like to get my picture back and I have'nt really a clue how to do it.

One thing I remembered from old versions was the unique ID that each pic has although I cant seem to find a button to toggle it on or off in the menu in FM13 so I'm really stuck

Any bright sparks out there have any ideas?

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Thanks both for the reply. In all fairness you sussed it blackdog, I've got the footyman fever so I havent reset it yet, I didnt realise that happened and presumed the reloading skin would sort everything so I guessthats whats going on. I'm saving the link you've provided for future use, thanks for that one.

I cant turn it off to test... not yet.... just not yet... a couple more weeks and I should have neymar and chamberlain. Then I'd have to play some games of course, looks like I'll be faceless for another tired nights play :)

Thanks again buddy!

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