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El Shaarawy and EDT files


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I succesfully created an .edt file to have future transfers to my team. This works for both Verratti and Insigne, but somehow I cannot get El Shaarawy right.

I've tried various name-options, and getting other players from Milan worked perfectly.

It's just El Shaarawy that won't show up. To show my current edt file:

"FUTURE_TRANSFER" "Stephan" "" "El Shaarawy" "A.C. Milan" "Palermo" 16 07 2012 0 23000 5

"FUTURE_TRANSFER" "Lorenzo" "" "Insigne" "Napoli" "Palermo" 16 07 2012 0 23000 5

"FUTURE_TRANSFER" "Marco" "" "Verratti" "Paris Saint-Germain" "Palermo" 16 07 2012 0 23000 5

As said; both Insigne and Verratti worked, as wel as some tests I did with other players from Milan (so I was sure it wasn't the teamname that was spelled wrong). I tried these options:

"Stephan" "" "El Shaarawy"

"Stephan" "Stephan El Shaarawy" "El Shaarawy"

"Stephan" "El Shaarawy" "El Shaarawy"

though without succes as well. (and as far as i can tell he doesn't have a different full name or a common name at all). I could try using the unique id, but I'm not sure how to format it.

Am I doing anything wrong here? Or is his name different then I typed?

Thanks in advance.

Managed to get it to work using Unique ID's, probably because his name is too special :p.

Ended up adding all these lines; tried to isolate the correct one without succes (seems as if they are all needed)...

"FUTURE_TRANSFER" "43036636" "A.C. Milan" "Palermo" 16 07 2012 0 20000 5

"FUTURE_TRANSFER" "" "43036636" "" "A.C. Milan" "Palermo" 16 07 2012 0 -1 5

"FUTURE_TRANSFER" "43036636" "" "" "A.C. Milan" "Palermo" 16 07 2012 0 -1 5

"FUTURE_TRANSFER" "" "" "43036636" "A.C. Milan" "Palermo" 16 07 2012 0 -1 5

"FUTURE_TRANSFER" "Stephan" "" "El Shaarawy" "A.C. Milan" "Palermo" 16 07 2012 0 -1 5

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