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Please help me setting up my 3D match screen and coaches stats confusion

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Hello I'm having a few problem's with the new match screen and was looking for some advice on how people have been setting it up basically my problem is i used to always have the games running on extended highlights in the past and would have my own teams stats open in-between highlights and the game would jump quiet happily between one and the other,it was really helpful for me sort of having a mental not to what each individual player was up to outside the highlights screen missed tackles passes,headers long shots etc etc so i could make decisions even when not seeing the game so I'm finding in 2013 i cant do this the game will cut to highlight in the background and I'm left on the stats screen and vice versa if i go to the highlight i have to manually dig into the interface to reopen the my team match stats, so i then noticed the comprehensive match stats option and thought that would help by showing allot more of the game than extensive and what I'm finding is the exact opposite I'm sat watching loading highlight screen for 30 Min's and being really lost on whats going on in game

So then i sat down and tried to set up the widgets to give me some of the info back i felt i was missing,low and behold no widget to show my teams stats and i cant even use split screen to view it either.so now I'm left with the widgets and when i have them all open for what i need to see they are dominating the pitch i mean is there any way to change the opacity of them at all? Ive shrunk them all down but then i hit another problem when i minimize them sometimes they snap back to there original position so i end up with a huge stack of doom of widgets i have to reseperate for them to all change places again : / i mean they are just way to big I'm playing on a 27" monitor so its not like i don't have enough screen space.So any advce someone could throw my way for that would bee awesome.

The other thing I'm hoping someone can help with is understanding some of the coaching staffs stats and what they actually affect in game i did little research into it and came to the conclusion that mental training stat can help scouts discover player personalities more comprehensively in scout reports and i also like to hire a member of staff to take team talks am i right in saying that motivating is tied to mental coaching stat sort of mental coaching tells him what the players personality is and motivating is the amount of team talk options he has to use? so without the mental stat he is still giving bad team talk advice even with good motivation ?

On a similar note your ass managers tactical advice in game or opp instruction advice is this governed by his tactical training stat or his tactical knowledge i have read tactical training sort of acts as his tactical intelligence rather than tactical knowledge is just the amount of tactical tricks he has to deploy Ive never realy had this confirmed in the manual or on the forums anywhere so would be nice if someone had a guide on each stat and what they actually affect in game any official descriptions seem to be almost intentionaly vague

Thanks for any help or advice in advance

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Regarding changing the appearance of the popovers have a chat to the guys in the skinning forum. I haven't had a fiddle with skinning yet this year (I normally do just pushed for time til after Christmas) but it (*might*) be a simple change to the XML that describes the appearance in FM (this might sound difficult but it really isn't, finding the correct file, however, can be a real pain).

As for setting up the screen, I'm really surprised you can't arrange the screen on a big monitor. My old 1920x1280 17" inch lappy screen actually used to be too high res for me playing FM and I enjoyed the experience better with a lower resolution although match day experience was better because I had more room for the widgets. Whats the res on your monitor? It must be native 1920x1280 or higher (the 27" iMac is 2540 by about 1400 I think) so you should have loads of space.

What I tend to do is have plenty of minimised widgets in the corners, often with either the match stats widget or my team performance widget open. I'll often close them for specific highlights, or, if I'm watching the whole game I'll tend to have them closed and open them just for checking on stuff (I do this for all the widgets).

As for coaching stats, there are a few threads kicking around (probably in general rather than in here) that detail the coaches stats. I'm not sure they are up to date but they'll give you an idea. I haven't looked into it for a while but, from memory, its Determination, Discipline and Motivating that tend to be most important in general (DDM) with the specifics bolted on on top. I have a feeling this has changed somewhat though but it'll give you something to search for at least.

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Thanks for the reply mate,yeah I'm running at 1920x1280 what I'm finding is having four widgets open really does impact on the viewable space of the pitch even when i tuck them away in the corners it seems it would be so much nicer of there could be an actual border around the match screen to place the widgets imho but I'm finding even when i try to have them all minimized and open them when needed they all fall back to there original place and i get left with all the header bars overlapping so you cant see the one you want to open.May well be worth a look into the skinning forums.

I actually found a similar thread on not being able to snap back and forth between the your team - stats and match highlights and it seems it was an intentional design choice to not have it do that which after all the years baffles me slightly tbh the widgets imho don't give the info you actually need to see as the match plays out when waiting for the highlights.

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