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I need Help please

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Right where do I start I have read many many things on this forum (cheers wwfan and Rash) you have helped to a degree but i need some guidance with my new save.

I have read so many things my mind is fried with tactical stuff i think i have over-cookedit, I have read inverting the pyramid i have read so much but keep ending the same i have moved away from sliders which i love but trying to get to hand with it is hard.

I must admit i was lazy before this version i just manipulated the match engine now i can't and if possible would like some help because i enjoy the game and hate giving up on a love affair of over 10 years.

I have tried the 12 point guide it worked to a degree i have tried many things i have looked at Cleon and Rashid stuff.

My Problem

My Tactic


My plan is to negate the fact i have poor midfielders for the division and pump the ball up to Pogba who holds it up and plays it to either winger or attempts a through ball for the other striker to latch on too.

I hate playing this way but feel my midfield offer nothing in a forward sense because they are poor i have tried the attack role on the cm-s but still find it leaves me toothless going forward with no coherent play.

I set the team instruction to default with passing length and allow for more movement and greater creativity.

I tend to create very little if nothing at all most of the time..

I have only 3 main shouts depending on the situation.

Pressure shout...

push higher up.

get stuck in.

hassle op.

Defensive shout...

retain possession.

pass to feet.

drop deeper.

Attacking Shout/Counter shout....

drop deeper.

play wider.

stand off opponents.

I try to play every game on full but it hard to watch the poor dross my management style is serving up.

please help.

Right more info

I happy about my defence they tend not to concede many at all i do vary the line dependant on the speed of the opposition attack and i can keep clean sheets.

My central midfield is woeful i feel up front i have 3 decent strikers but similar in Dorsek,Leitch-Smith and the very promising Clayton who i think is Premiership class in a few years.

Here my squad.


Here my team comparisons within the division









Now screenshots of the attributes of my midfield there passing accuracy rating is always 50% or under surely a deeper rooted problem is here although there are not the best.





My strikers are not bad i do not think for this level i have been playing with the split system.





So there you are any help and if you can make me understand what you suggest it would help me alot.

Thank you for your time i hope somebody can help Rich,Cleon,Rah, Lam, anybody please....

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Just a quick comment, probably best if you edit your post to just include links to your players but keep the other screenshots. It's loading really slowly and I'm through a mega quick connection. (I'm also not sure if ImageShack has reduced the size of your link shots so they are massive too!)

I'll try and comment when I have a little more time to read your post in a bit

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If you want to play 'lump it long' footy then don't worry too much about allowing roaming and creative freedom, really you want your guys following your instructions. You can afford to be one-dimensional because you can't really play any other way it seems (yet).

So, lower the creative freedom and roaming to normal and up the passing length to direct. Normal passing length is fine but I wouldn't worry about shorter passing lengths if your guys can't keep it.

You want to get the ball forward quickly and your guys need to follow your instructions to get up in support. 'No need for any fancy thinking stuff boys, just get it forward and then get up there with it. You need energy, not brains fellas!'

Your defensive shout is probably giving you a real headache because your team can't keep the ball so, for the time being don't bother. For your defensive shout just try dropping deeper, playing narrow and getting stuck in.

Your pressure shout sounds alright but only if your guys have got the engines to do it. I'm hoping that even though your midfield are woeful with the ball they are a little more industrious without it? (I haven't had time to have a good look at them).

I'd change your attacking shout too and think less generically. Your shout at the moment just makes the pitch as big as possible without changing anything else (like movement or passing). In conjunction with your roaming and CF strategy its probably good, but only for very good teams (at least, those very good on the ball). I think you should plan your attacking shouts based more on the situation than as a general shout system.

Play wider, push higher, more through balls -> This strategy is great for attacking teams because it stretches the defence and then tries to pick through the holes. It requires both movement and vision.

Play deeper, get ball forward + optionally play wider and/or play through flanks or clear to flanks -> This is a great counter attacking combo (especially for formations with an AMR/AML) because it can draw the opposition out and then launch quick attacks forward through the wide channels.

I'm not saying you should use these but get an idea that changing the pitch size is linked with your passing and movement strategy.

Also, why use the guy at AMR? If he's playing as winger I'd just stick him at MR. He'll do more defending and should fulfil a very similar attacking role.

Also, rather than use Att and Def for your FB's. I'd probably be tempted to stick them just as Support duty rather than try anything more complex. Peg them back to defend roles when you are really under the cosh or holding onto a skinny lead.

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Cheers Mate for the heads up on the shouts I see your points about making the pitch bigger without any orders within the pitch.

I would love not to play the long ball stuff because it not my philosophy but after I filtered out decent playmakers all I could sign was sean Thornton.

Te reason for the higher up arm is he tends to really play like a inside forward Kemmar Daley if I play somebody else there I withdraw them back to mr.

Thank you for you time mate I just wish I could play better looking football

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