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[FM 13] Oceanic Leagues

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This project is taking place thanks to Sakpase who has managed to build the club continental rules for Oceania.

Oceania continental rules download

This project aims to build the league systems for all O-League nations plus also the non-fifa nations of the region. I may also look into doing Guam and Northern Mariana who are AFC members but based in this region. The List is as follows:

American Samoa

Cook Islands




New Caledonia

New Zealand

Northern Marianas[1][2]

Papua New Guinea


Solomon Islands





Wallis and Fatuna[1][?]

[1] - Non-Fifa member

[2] -AFC Member

[?] - From what I know this nation has no league structure anymore, if I find this is different I will do it.

Also on top of this I will add various other items such as competition histories, stadia, cities, languages (within reason), missing FA dates, media and team colours (with creative license). Files will be released as they are completed so keep track of this thread for releases.

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Cook Islands

Nation information

Files contains the league which is a round robin of 7 teams with the winner qualifying for the OFC preliminary round. End of season knockout cup is also included. An U18 league has also been created[1]. Tested for two years with no known issues.

[1]- I know a U17 league exists but as this level is not available in the editor I added the one closest.

Download here

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