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FC Paris - A City - a monopolé - a Love


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First off, I got nothing to do with the Milieu they have in France. *lol*

So when I was approached by this club in a long-term challenge, I got very confused. I did let the tutorial choose me the team, being hungarian this only would be a very asthetical challenge.

I don't have any clues about tactics, so I decided for these set of 3 tactical approaches -

1. 4-5-1 Sexy Footballv1

2. Dortmund 4-2-3-1

3. 4231FastFootball

all from the tactics section.

Team should be very talentful and very young, but if you choose to be a sunday league footballer you better got to choose the teams that fullfil these category of a head coach.

The likes of Komi Salou, Hervé Batoménila, Houcine Afkir and Hugues Ayivi are without a doubt names for the future, France and other european countries should have an eye off. Could imagine some of them playing for the Arsenal youth soon.

I didn't go very far into the season, so I will stay prepared for any comments and feedback I'll receive.

My record so far is -

P10 W6 D2 L2

It's an extremeful unexpected squad, so I definately got to take my hands on them, with them needing very special man management. However it definately will become a long story, like SI did promise on the challenge screen. :)

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