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Playing FM 13 in Offline Mode

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Hey Guys,

Is there anyway to get steam to let you play in offline mode without needing the update? Steam wont connect to the internet so have been trying play in offline mode but since there has been an update it tries to download the update rather than let me play :(

Any help would be great.

Cheers in advance

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Just turn off your router, start FM13 and select " play in off line mode ", I always do like that

But you have to be online to go into offline mode in the first instance..

I found this out after I lost my internet access at home. Was trying to put FM12 in offline mode but as soon as i started Steam I was getting a "cannot access Steam" error message due to me not having internet access and couldnt get further than the error mesasge when Steam started.

Ended up having to take my (desktop) PC to my girlfriends, connecting to Steam using her internet connection then putting it into offline mode..

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