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New to Handheld - Few Questions

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1) How do I take a screenshot? (I have a Galaxy S3 - Normal swipe across screen doesn't work).

2) League Rules

a) Is there no rules around foreigners?

b) Is there somewhere I can find the list of rules for each league on FMH

3) Has someone got a list of what attributes are best for each player role

a) I already have seen
, which gives them position based.

Really enjoying this so far, had been waiting for the new one to come out since I got my phone, and already led my home town Wellington Phoenix to the A-League victory in my second season in charge with only a few changes in personnel.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

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1) Here is about the Galaxy S3 screenshotting options - http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/how-to-take-a-screenshot-on-galaxy-s3-note-2-android/

2) a) No there isn't.

b) I believe if you go onto the league and select the button to bring up the menu (bottom right) then league rules is one.

3) a) No but I will do it soon :).

Thanks Dec for all your help, I kept myself to the regular restrictions in A-League through first two seasons, might look at more foreigners now. As for Screenshot, that is excellent, makes it easy, swipe option doesn't work, but the hold power & Home button does work.

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  • SI Staff
Not a problem :). To note on the player roles it is really open to interpretation on what is what for some roles but also personal style as I don't believe passing is key for a Central Defender but some do.

Passing definitely isn't 'key' for a central defender - but if someone has absolutely no passing ability then I'd definitely not play him as a central defender, instead preferring a 'limited defender' where he's told to hoof it clear ... no point taking risks imho ;)

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