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Whats your favourite/best attribute, except for physical attributes


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Consistency (that's hidden though no?)

Injury Proneness (again hidden)

So for the last two it's on scout reports. Determination gets them to their potential, consistency lets them fulfill it on the pitch and injury proneness gives me an indication of whether they'll get there or have one leg...

Determination has absolutely no direct impact on a player reaching his PA whatsoever. That's dictated by professionalism and ambition. Handy, although not crucial, attribute on the pitch though.

I'm a sucker for technique across the board, anticipation for centre halves, first touch for strikers.

Consistency is hidden and, due to the dumbed down scout / coach reports in this version, I don't believe you can get any indication on it through personality. The value would have to be very high / low for it to appear on a scout report which is a shame. Otherwise you'd have to use FMRTE etc which isn't for me.

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Determination > Teamwork > Workrate. Breakfast of champions. With those three attributes you are halfway there. I never sign a player without at least 10 in all three. Even Ronaldo would never play for me for free. :) Anal of me I know, cutting my nose off to spite my face, but my game, my team.

Civvies (backroom staff) and goalies are an exception to that rule but they're both weird anyway.

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Injury proneness (if I'm cheating with a scouting tool). If I play without that, then maybe passing is my weakness. I always seem to end up with a slick passing team.

You really don't need a scouting tool to find injury proneness though. If it's too high it's listed as a weakness and if it's low your coaches will point out that he'll rarely get injured(training screen). Or neither which means it's somewhere in the middle.

Injury proneness, professionalism and Determination are the key attributes I look for, unless the player is very young and can be tutored.

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