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Coaching badge decision logic?

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Hey all,

Can anyone provide a bit of info on how your board decides whether they'll let you send a staff member off on a coaching course?

I've just sent four of my coaches on a course, but the board won't send my assistant manager as they 'don't feel it's appropriate right now'.

They're all in contract with at least twelve months to run (just renewed and at start of season) and I can't figure out why my board won't let me send the Ass/Man but will let me send (and pay for) the rest of the coaching team.

Any ideas?


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What badges does your ass man already have?

If he already has all the badges available thenhe wwon't learn anything new.

Also, it might depend on which league/standard you are with regards to the top badge your board will be willing to fund.

Or it could just be a case of your assistant had a few too many at the Christmas do and offended your chairman.

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