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Replicating a possession based hard pressing tactic, but need help with shouts!

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Hope anybody can help me;

I've made several tactics and after copying Papamogl's great Dortmund tactic I have made a new tactic for my Crystal Palace team; 4-2-3-1

1. Sweeper Keeper; Support

2. Left/Right Back; Full Back; Attack

2. Central defenders; Defend

1. BWM; Defend

1. DLP; Defend

2. IF; Attack

1. AP; Support

1. DLF; Support

Style; Very Fluid

Strategy; Control

Passing Style; Short

Creative Free; More Disciplined

Closing Down; Press More

Tackling/Crossing; Default

Marking; Zonal Marking

Roaming; More Roaming

Defensive Line; Push up

Width; Narrow

Tempo; Quick

Play Office

Playmaker; AMC

I would like to have a couple of shouts that I can use with the tactic, but with still keeping the high pressure and possession based tactic; this is what I should like some combo's for;

* Wing play so that more play is towards the wings.

* Increase pressure to push a tired opponent to total submission

* One which makes the tactic like parking the bus

* More attacking to take real advantage

But, does any of you have some good ideas of improvements to the tactic?

And, can I change the role of the striker from DLF towards CF/Poacher/AF without losing the effectiveness?

Alot of questions here, but hope anyone can help me! Happy christmas btw

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