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[FM 2013] French Guiana

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French Guiana is an overseas department of France located in South America, with 86,504 km ² and more than 220 thousand inhabitants. Its capital is Cayenne with a population of about 65 000 inhabitants. Despite being in South America, the Football Federation of French Guiana is affiliated to CONCACAF (Confederation of Football in North America and Central America).


1st Division - Division d'Honneur (12 clubs) - the last two are relegated.

Relegation play-off: 10th place (DH), 2nd place (PHO) and 2nd place (PHCE).

2nd Division - Promotion d'Honneur (20 clubs) - there are two groups. Group's champions are promoted.

Promotion d'Honneur Poule Ouest (8 clubs)

Promotion d'Honneur Poule Centre/Est (12 clubs)


Coupe de Guyane (32 clubs)

Coupe de France (Régionale Guyane) (32 clubs)

Coupe de l'UNAF (5 clubs) - champions of Division d'Honneur, Promotion d'Honneur Poule Ouest, Promotion d'Honneur Poule Centre/Est, Coupe Guyane and Coupe de France.

Coupe Municipale de Cayenne (6 clubs from Cayenne)

Coupe Memorial E.Bellony (4 clubs from Matoury)

Coupe des Savanes (8 clubs from Kourou, Iracoubo, Macouria, Saint-Élie and Sinnamary)

Three files included:

Coupe de l'Outre-Mer (International cup disputed by the national teams of 8 overseas departments of France)

Copa Guyana (Continental cup involving 4 clubs from Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana)

Trophée des Clubs Champions des Antilles-Guyane (Continental Cup champions involving the overseas departments of France - French Guiana, Guadeloupe and Martinique)

- Extract the four files to ..\Football Manager 2013\editor data.

- After start a new game, select all four files.

- Select the nation: French Guiana.

- I didn't create players and staff for the teams. So, select the options Add staff and key players for the squad.

- Clubs, cities, stadiums, referees and media sources were created based on information obtained from the Internet.

Guyane_FM2013.rar (4 files: Guyane 13.dbc, Copa Guyana.dbc, Coupe de l'Outre-Mer 13.dbc, Trophe Antilles-Guyane 13.dbc)

Guyane 13 v2.dbc (replace Guyane 13.dbc by this one)

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I've made some changes in French Guiana clubs, upgrading training, youth coaching, youth facilities and youth recruitment.

Download the new dbc file here.

This file above will replace the one that was previously downloaded. If you've already downloaded the first version (Guyane 13.dbc ), untick it (or delete it) when you start a new game and select the new file (Guyane 13 v2.dbc ).

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