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some new ideas...?

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Hi guys,

I honestly dont know if some of the ideas are even possible, but I give it a shot anyway.

(also, anyof your ideas are most welcome here!)

- player contract talk: an agent tells me his client/my player wants a new contract. so I offer a player new one, fair in my opinion terms. agent want 10 times the number of wages so negotiations breake down. I would then like to go to the player ant be able to tell him: look lad, i offered you a fair terms but your greedy agent refused the offer! do you want to play for my club or not? (or something along the line)

- when my team is on the run of bad results (it happens) i would like to be able to call a meeting and give the team a hairdryer talk ala sir A Ferguson. as opposed to "only" being able to say "we had okey results so keep your heads up". I would like to say instead "what the heck guys?? get your sh*t together! you are all pros!!!" or something like that :-)

- be able to tell a player "stop being so recless and getting booked/send off all the time or you will be OUT!" (rooney anyone?)

and actually those above to have a real effect in the game :-)

also, i would just love to be able to see some kind of picture (even drawn!) of my state of the art arena! specially after improvements! i dont mean paper stands or hotdogs stands or shops or parking lots (FIFA manager?) just my beatifull stadium!

I know, I know, guys at SI are all against it :-) but I also remember you guys being totally opposed to the 3D match engine in the late 90s. Look where we are today :-)

please people, post your thought here. And I would gladly welcome any and all feedback from all you guys at SI.

Merry Christmas!

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