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How to delete a nation? or relace a nation?


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I am a fan of English football, every FM I played English teams. Now I want to play some Italian teams but I don't want to face English teams in European Champion Cup, then I decided to delete all English teams and competitions from the database.

Here is what I did:

Exclude England, Wales and N.Ireland from the Europe, and get some Extinct Nations (Eg. CIS) into Europe;

Delete all the players, teams and competitions under English, Wales and N.Ireland;

Add each added nations (the added nation) 7 teams; (This is for the european coefficient, make sure every nation can have some team for the EC and ECC. If I don't do so, the stages of EC and ECC may go wrong.)

Make the 3 added nation some FIFA points, and assign each of them a national statium;


Then everything going well until December 9th, 2012. It just saying a severe error and generated a .dmp file. Could anyone help to find where could the edited data be wrong?

I managed to do the same thing (CRAZY THING..) in FM2012 and FM2011, and they went pretty well..

I know.. I am really bored.. Just don't want to face the teams I like..

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