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How to use "first team players made available for reserves"?

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Hi there.

I've been running through the manual and Google, with no luck in terms of how to use the "players made available for reserves" properly. So I'm running my first game through with Manchester United, and trying to figure out how to ensure that Ryan Giggs, Scholes and whoever isn't playing every game, isn't moved to the reserves and getting fatigued. However, as I can see how to tell the players only to play 45 minutes maximum with the reserves, how do I entirely ensure that they are not flagged for reserve matches?

Thank you


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Not sure what you mean here.

Do you mean, how to remove the 'Rsv' flag from the player again? ... I couldn't figure that out myself. But trial and errors, showed that you have to select the same setting again.

So if you have set Scholes to 'Available for reserves' -> '45 minutes', then you select that again, and the flag is removed.

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