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Trial Players not going away

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Hi everyone,first post here so apologies if its already been posted before,cant find the thread.

My problem is that a few seasons ago I started getting players from other teams on trial.They are on my rooster but it says they belong to other teams,I have the usual options to make an offer to their clubs and get them to sign with me,the problem is they are all crappy players,I dont want them in my team and they just wont go away.At the moment I have like 50 of them in my rooster(I've been playing for like 13 seasons now)and i dont see any option to make them get the hell away from my team. I know I can filter them so they dont appear on screen,but they are still there.The only option I see to making them disappear is to make offers for them until I actually buy them,then fire them for a fee or something like that. Ive tried checking my staff's responsabilities to see if i can take charge of this player trial signing but i cant,and so they keep coming and even after 8-10 seasons they are still on my rooster. Anyone knows how I can make them all disappear for good?


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