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My Players wages have increased after one year for no apparent reason??

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This year I won the Ligue 1 & Champions League with P.S.G (12/13)

Just after the season ended.... my wages shot up from 2.1 million to 3.1 million for no apparent reason?!!

I have looked at their contracts... their is nothing about yearly increases or match highest earner clauses. I am very confused

Yet it dosen't end there...

This has also happened at GFC Ajaccio where we won promotion to Ligue 1 after a phenomenal struggle:rolleyes:. Wages have gone up from 50k to 70k.

Lastly the same thing has happened at U.D Almería where we we are about to end the season (we won the league with 6 games to spare), 37 games unbeaten. 131k to 171k p/w

I am playing these three teams in my main save.

Maybe I am being stupid... or ignorant... but could someone please explain why this has happened??? players who i didnt sign had their contract go up by 33%? i.e players who were at the clubs before i joined. :confused:

I will have to sell players now from GFC Ajaccio and U.D Almería or somehow get them off the clubs payrole! :mad:

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None of them have a yearly increase in wages!!

Lucas Moura goes from 62k per week to 92k per week for..... no reason????

edit : I have just noticed something very..... odd

javier pastore earns 110k p/w now yet after tax brings home 38k?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic earns 325k p/w yet after tax brings home 90k?

Phillipe Mexes earns 200k p/w (up from 120k p/w :( ) yet after tax brings home 59,000k??????

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Check the currency in preferences because there was a bug once where the currency would change but the £ sign would still be there.

Thank you soo much!

I have figured it out. For some reason, the game changed my currency from euro's to dollars!

Switched it to dollar (even though in preferences it was euro), then switched it back to euro and voila!

Man oh Man! That was one scary little bug!

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