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Change in Division Rules?

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Hello and Happy Holidays,

I was playing with Fenerbahce in the Turkish Premier Division. Last year I had won the Champions League with Fenerbahce and became a semi-finalist the year before.

This is my 4th year.

But in the begging of my 5th year the Turkish Premier division changed a lot.

Firstly the league lost a lot of reputation and went down in ranking although I had accomplished very impressive feats 2 years in a row and had won the Champions

League for the 1st time in Turkish history. and of course with that came the lower win prizes and draw prizes.

Secondly and the one I actually care about; The rules about foreign players changed. Previously I was allowed 8 foreign players in match squad (11+7 reserves)

and 6 foreign players in my starting line-up. However now I'm and all other teams (I checked by adding other managers to see if it applied to them as well, also

I checked the rules page) are only allowed 6 foreign players in match squad (11+7 reserves).

I don't think this is one of those intentional game changes which are meant to simulate events that might happen in real life since I didn't get any news notifications

about it.

So my question is did anyone else experience something similar, is this a bug of some sort either related to FM 2013?

Thanks for all support, I can provide any more info if you need it :D

Just to clarify the rules didn't change with the new FM update but when I started a new season. I had already played with the new update of FM

with regular division rules.

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