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To SI, about your ME and us customers

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Edit: Oh I must mention before anyone jumps on me; this isn't an ME feedback but rather a proposal/service feedback sort of thing. The ME feedback thread's already covered most things that's faulted with it.

I'd just like to propose that IF the ME ever gets to a standard where it's playable, stable, not unbearably glitchy with the most utterly ******** AI I've ever encountered in any sports video game in many years, that you notify every single user by dropping us an email? (the one linked to our accounts here of course)

Also, pin up a thread when- oops I mean IF it ever happens with a list of fixes and what we can expect that's no longer in the terrible state as it is now.

At this point the game serves to defeat it's own purpose. What's the point of spending all the time and effort working on your tactics, finding the right players, etc etc when it all boils down to the garbage ME screwing it all up? Set my players on a defensive mentality, boom, long ball from the DC trying to find my ST. Nice. Set them on an attacking mentality and we have my AMR, AMC and ST within 5 metres of each other mysteriously attracted to the ball instead of a space or open channel in the defence to attack from. Nice again. That's just 2 examples to begin with. :)

Even aside the ME, I've no idea why certain excellent features from FM12 like schedule intensity sliders (giving us total freedom what to train our players) were removed, or how now, 2 to 3 players get injured every match (may be partially or completely related to the ME).

At this point (again) it's clear SI just rushed its usual FM release date during the Oct-Nov period just to milk cash. Fine by me, but the standard and condition of the game isn't acceptable as anything better than an EARLY ALPHA. Yet it's the apparent final release with many patches already still failing to get the game to a playable level.

So, a very simple and easy proposal that SI keep us updated when the community has generally reached an almost unanimous agreement that the ME is in a good state, and is equal or even better than FM12's ME which I dearly miss. Jesus I never expected to miss it before FM13's release but that's how competent SI have made it, frankly.

We've all given you like over $30 for this load of incomplete heap of programming, definitely not worth the purchase, I'm not protesting against the purchase or resenting it, but just asking the favour that you remind us when we can finally play it for the value we're made/have been made to pay it for.

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