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3.7.0 Tactic For Patch 13.2.1

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Hi i Have Made The 3.7.0 Tactic For The Latest Patch 13.2.1 I Have Tried Lots Of Tactics From The Legends On Here And Hope One Of Them Will Give This A Try And Maybe Give It A Polish Hope It Can Become Great With Tweaks From Members Its A Plug And Play No OI Any Pitch Size Starting Strategy Is Standard I Use This But Attack Is Also Good can mix it up attack home standard away heres the link for the tactic


HERES a few pictures of the 370 tactic http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/9127/370r.png http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/2465/370ds.jpg

basically you need 3 defender centers with good pace passing at least 10 in stats good heading also the 3 midfield centers must have good passing pace tackling and creativity 10 + if you can the 2 wingers same again good pace good passing and finishing not tried cut inside with wingers but it may help the 2 amcs good finshing 10 + pace passing and heading again if you can this tactic is great passing and moving plays good football the corners also seem to work as they are not tweaked them i eventually got this tactic by trying for hours to get something working in the new patch 13.2.1 and it looks promising with some tweaks from our members this could be class give it chance to get fluid dont forget you can change strategy from standard to attack or control even counter

training attack movement team balanced high or average teamtalks left to assistant please give feedback good or bad open to tweaks thanks

made a 3 5 2 tactic ive put it it up much better play nd overall tactic

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whats needed cleon can you help cheers

Perhaps start with a more flamboyant title/name for your thread and tactic

Then a short description of the tactic: what shape it is and the type of football played

Then a picture of the formation and team instructions

Then a brief description of how you came about creating it and boast about your results and what you have won

Then a guide as to what players are needed in each position.

Then instructions to use the tactic: Match prep, General training, OIs, Team talks, Teem meetings etc

Then finally the download link :)

Hope this helps mate !

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used this tactic for my hamburg save...

mainz - hsv 0:0

hsv - nürnberg 1:2

duisburg - hsv 4:3

bremen - hsv 3:1

hsv - bayern 0:6

got fired...

hm doesn't work for me...

i tried it with home/attacking away/standart

strikers shooted from every position.

there was no game i dominated.

My Opponent always beat my defense over the wings.

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