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Club link cancel possibility


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Hello guys, I was wondering about this matter.

I started managing a club (Hacettepe, turkish) and they are already linked with one parent club (Genclerbirligi).

Option to cancel the link is greyed out, option to talk about it with board is greyed out.

I've been flaming about the link in press conferences all the time, I now play in the same division as them. Also I have not taken a single loan player from them (due to challenge rules).

Do you think the board will someday decide to cancel the link? Or have I encountered an uncancellable hard-coded club link?

I have already asked about this in bugs (not really a bug) forum in interaction section, but haven't gotten a reply for over a week, so I doubt I will get any from them on the thread.

Thanks in advance for your opinion and insight in this matter. :)

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Yes, the board can someday decide to cancel the link. Usually they cancel links with parent clubs when you are in the same division.

I just looked up the club you mentioned. I think the reason why you can´t cancel the link is this information:

"The partnership between the clubs is a long-term deal"

"Hacettepe shares training facilities with Genclerbirligi SK"

Long term deals can be cancelled after some years, but shared training facilities? I really don´t know. Maybe after you upgraded your own training facilities to a high standard. So try the upgrade your training and youth facilities and maybe you can cancel this link after some years...

Or you could cheat and use FMRTE to cancel/alter the link...

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Yeah yeah, I hope they will someday decide to cancel it, even though we share training facilities...

Actually I can't upgrade the training ones, as the option is greyed out telling me that we use shared facilities :D

FMRTE also came in my mind, I don't own a license, and still, I think I'll rather wait and try to get the club's reputation higher than parent's rep. That could maybe work, although I wonder what level my training facilities will be if the link gets cancelled someday. Maybe I could look my facilities level in fmrte... :)

Thanks for reply

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