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Past Iron Curtain...and Beyond!


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There hasn't been a lot of Eastern European-starting games, and me, a proud Lithuanian, decided to capture readers' hearts with tear-inducing story about poor 25 year old manager tryint to make it to the big leagues!

I don't like waiting. The plan is to add leagues in which I have affiliated clubs, i.e. if I get a parent club in Poland, I add the division that team is in. I also have mostly every European league data file loaded (except San Marino), so if my career takes an unexpected turn, I may end up in Moldova or something along those lines.

Leagues added at the start of the game:

Estonia (Level 2)

Latvia (Level 2)

Lithuania (Level 2)

Sunday League reputation, off we go!

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Right off the bat, 1 Lyga side Lietava offered me a coaching job:


Which I gladly took. Always imagined my career starting in Lithuania, and not other Baltic states.

My squad was oozing with talent...Club itself is as mediocre as they get. But luckily there were plenty of young guns on the market, and although competition was fierce (few more teams had no players at all), I think team assembled is good enough to survive. It's unlikely that we will challenge for promotion spot, as there is only one in 10 team division, and having FBK Kaunas (owned by certain Vladimir Romanov) isn't exactly helping.

Key players acquired:

Laurynas Dukavicius - young promising goalkeeper, by far the best on the squad and will onnly get better (and also went to same school with him :p)

Paulius Budrys - another youngster, will start alongside veteran Kavolis, who has been in the team since I've taken over. Also pace never hurts in lower leagues.

Martynas Duda - great defender, weak, but his skills should be sufficient enough to be dominant at this level.

Aurimas Marcinkevicius - can't finish, but will score from headers, and that's what matters.

As I said, I believe squad is good enough for mid-table. We are playing a simple rigid 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 with Marcinkevicius as target man.

One of bigger blows was not finding a suitable parent club. That extra cash or loanee can win you promotion here, and with really scarce talent pool you need every extra advantage you can get.

Anyways, as we're getting ready for debut match, next update will be coming mid-season!

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2012 July




It has been a very two-sided half of the season. Bright side is that we are definitely safe this season, and probably finishing third, and most the team consisting of youth will help us moving forward. On the other hand it has been frustrating lack of finishing. We have majority of possession, dominating statline, but not scoring, and even worse - not scoring against much weaker teams. Part of it could be attributed to our dreadful wingers - they are really bad. We have already fixed that with some signings. Only thing that's left is just finish this season on the bright side and perhaps make a run in LFF Taure and get that cash!



1 Lyga Stats

Key acquisitions:

Genadijus Gurjevas - old, but still a superb player at this level. Will play a major role during remainder of the season.

Justinas Baltrimavicius - another youngin, but has pretty good stats, without a doubt going to be a starter.

Next up - end of the year update!

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Good Luck! and may your future be full of succes:)
I like the sound of this, will you be starting in your homeland? Best of luck wherever you go, I'll be following!
Best of luck :)
Good Luck ill be reading this i fancy going to eastern europe in the future mainly thanks to reading about Valeriy Lobanovsky


There have been quite a few Eastern European ones, not Lithuania admitedly :D

This is Eastern Europe at its best :p

Also, I am going to another city for NYE, if I'll have wi-fi, I will post update then, but it's unlikely.

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Sleep is for the weak...

2012 End Of Season





It has been a relatively good season. After a shaky start and inheriting squad with two players we finished strong and things are looking bright. Since the update, we went on a huge 11win2draw streak, which was mainly fueled arrival of our bad-ass wingers. They have definitely been the missing link and with them I have no doubt we would've walked away with the title. We even made a small run in a cup, beating two A Lyga sides and barely losing against third, which really made my day and assured that I would not get beaten down after promotion. League run also included a dramatic 3-2 victory against eventual champions FBK Kaunas, in which we scored twice in dying minutes of the match.

I have also received news about potential takeover. Not much information has been released, except those regarding an involvement of former pro. Furthermore, me and the board of Lietava decided to continue our cooperation and I will staying until December 2013.

Our excellent academy also produced a big talent, a future starter CM Aleksandras Budrys. Touted as a future A Lyga star, Budrys had already made his debut against Atlantas in LFF Taure and has been improving in youth squad since. With Kavolis rapidly declining, it's only a matter of time until Budrys becomes a focal point of this team.

Tactically, we've made some adjustments after some taking some suggestions from assistant into account. Marcinkevicius was given a bigger role and he did not disappoint. We still use a rigid and conservative system, as I personally like solid and winning football more than than flashy and reckless circus, plus the team is still very young, you don't want to put too much pressure on those kids, I might open up things a little in the future, although it would take some disgusting performances to try to fix something that ain't broke.

Key Players

Tomas Kavolis - this guy is the heart and the soul of the team, a true leader. A veteran presence was highly needed in this young team and he delivered when it mattered. A great player, but is getting too old.

Justinas Baltramavicius - the right Kavolis' hand. Young and exciting, he will be a player to watch next season with his natural dribbling and finishing abilities. He has been an instant impact on offence and has earned my trust.

Genadijus Gurjevas - the left Kavolis' hand. While Justinas is quick and relentless, Genadijus is a stone cold killa. Most of his goal came when his team needed them the most. Another veteran, and their presence is felt.

Aurimas Marcinkevicius - while not being the most profilic scorer, Aurimas never put a foot wrong. Either scoring or assisting, he never looked lost and should remain the starter next season barring injuries.

Jurijus Kurbanglijevas - this full back won my heart by having great physical ability and not being prone to mistakes. This young is still progressing and might see some action in upper leagues, had we gotten promoted there.





Past Positions

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