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Adjusting finances and transfer budget. Simple question from a first time editor.....


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Due to the current problems with the ME I want to set up a short term "fun" save while we wait patiently for the next patch. I haven't used the editor in a very long time and I'm after some advice. I plan to adjust the finances of mid table team, for arguments sake lets say Newcastle United in the EPL. I don't want to go overboard, just give them a little boost financially to see how far I can take them in the short to medium term. I was going to give them a sugar daddy type chairman and a bank balance of around £80-£120m. A transfer budget of around £70-£90m. Now that is pretty simple to do in the editor but my question is should I alter the club's rep to reflect this increase in budget? If so, how much? I'm assuming that with a sugar daddy in place he will give quite large transfer budgets on a regular basis? Are there any other things that I need to edit?

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