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Congested final 3rd.

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Hello again. I am currently playing as Cardiff with a 4-1-2-2-1 and I'm getting a problem where my attacks get congested and my players start hitting ridiculous long shots which end up hitting the corner flag. These are the player roles/duties.





W-S W-a


I have had 2 draws and 1 win in 3 games which isn't too bad but considering the possession and the shots I had both draws could have been wins. I have turned long shots down, but the wingers end up running into the space behind the P and both run into eachother which leads my midfielders with no option but to shoot. Could anyone tell me how to stop this please?

P.S I have used the "Work ball into box" shout to no effect.

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Well several things you can change:

Change the ST to DLF S so he will attack the box late and increase his chance of being unmarked

Change the AP A to AP S so he wont be so forward

Also you can try to play wider to stretch them out, this also means your wingers will be putting in a lot of crosses if they are capable of beating their man (one of your wingers should be IF A or S to put more man in the box for crosses)

You can also try to play wider and tell your player to run at defense if they have the dribbling skills to punch through.

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You might have been better off posting this in the thread that Cleon started that focuses on understanding your tactic but what is built around the 41221.

So, first thing you really need to do is to have a look at your instructions and establish in your mind what this translates into on the field.

Your POACHER will be using "moves into channel" thus he will likely, at times, be in the space that your Wingers want to use. Now a TQ or even a DLF(S) would also be doing the same, but with only mixed runs from deep, the chances are that the Winger will be more advanced by this point thus able to use the space. The amount of space created will be subject to to the style of play you have choosen.

There is no difference between AP(A) and AP(S) when it comes to RFD, so changing this will not have a dramatic effect, however switching to (S) will lower the RWB which might see them hangback a little more. Again, depending on style of play, this could also lower their mentality which will start them deeper.

You have both the MC's on mixed RFD which might cause them both to get into the box. I've had more success with one of the MC's with rare RFD, whether this is a DLP(S) or a CM(D) is upto you. If you choose to do this you could ask your DM to have mixed RFD subject to the opposition threat in his area on the field.

I'm surprised that you have such an issue with your Poacher and Wingers getting in the way of eachother in the box (is this where theproblem is?) because the wingers should stay wide. OR are the issues on the flanks?

Ideally we'd need to see the team instructions as I personally wouldn't use two wingers with a Poacher..........

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Thanks for your replies. I play short passing with zonal marking, everything else set to default and haven't touched the sliders. Yes the issues are where my wingers go behind the poacher and get in the way of eachother. I'll change my S to a DLF-S for my next match and see if there is changes.

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