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Has anyone won a relegation battle challenge and who with ???

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Haven't played any of the FMC mode until last night. Thought while I was waiting on the new patch I would give a couple of the challenges a go.

I decided to go Newcastle as they where in a relegation battle IRL not so long ago,, and I thought it be more realistic than using a top 4 side obviously.

Thing is I am having as much luck as Newcastle had the season they went down lol.

First of all,, all the key players they have like Ba, Tiote, Cisse are all away for the first couple of months at African nations,, and S. Taylor is constantly injured. Then none of their other attackers even before I arrived have scored in months,, think S Ameobi has like 3 goals all season. In fact the whole squad has like 12 goals in 26 games !!!!!

The defense is a bit better and has only conceded about 35 which out side the top 4 sides is one of the better stats in the EPL. So I looked at bringing in a striker or 2 in the 2 weeks of Jan I had to try turn things around.

Now is when I think the game has just gone against me,,, it seems as soon as I bring in a new player they get injured on their debut ,, brought in 5 or 6 and with one exception all have had time off through injury already.

I cant see anyway of turning it around now,,, I am rock bottom (as I was when taking over ) something like 11 points off the team above and about 15 after the next.

Thing is,, what are you supposed to do??

IRL if you took over a team in this state you would be hosting a team meeting or chatting to the players,,, unless I have missed it in the different skin I see no option for this in FMC!,, I also cant have a pre match team talk or try to give them a wee boost at half or full time. There doesn't even appear to be options to give instructions against the Op team?? The team's morale is under stably low even abysmal with some and I see no way of changing that with the options I have. Even the new signings seem to arrive depressed lol.

So has anyone managed to turn around a similar scenario ,, and if so how ???

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I took on that challenge with Leicester. First off I changed the tactic to a simple flat 442 then:

*changed team training routine;average and defending with focus on def set pieces to begin with;

*looked at players best postion;

*started each game with a balanced style and either a standard/counter to begin with. After I managed a few decent results then occassionally changed that to control;

*used shouts ingame re retain possession/hassle opps/pass to feet and some others depending on what was happening;and

*finally changed tactic ingame to insure result, going from standard to defend and balanced to rigid, depending again on circumstances.

After that it is in the lap of the gods but got out of the relegation zones and finished 5th from bottom...a saviour!!!

good luck


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Good to hear someone managed it ,,,after drawing the first game 0-0,, i went on a 5 match lose streak ,, then a draw 1-1,, my first goal lol. I tried all that with the training ,, as didnt seem much else to do. My new signings never really settled in on time to help out (with exception Kjar) or just got injured lol ,,, and it wasn't really until the guys came back from their international tournament that things got better.

Surprised I never chucked the towel in by then tbh as it wasnt pretty to sit through at times,,, but went on a really good run then,, beating the likes of Arsenal Man Unt ,and Chelsea ,,when before I coulnt even get a draw off reading or West Ham lol

In the end just missed it by a point or 2 on the 2nd last day of season,,,,, I will give it another go at some point tho

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I tried it for the first time this afternoon. Went for a randomly selected team. Ended up with Gainsborough Trinity. Lasted about 7 games before I got bored of watching my strikers side-footing 20 yards wide so limply they could've run after the ball and tried again before it went dead.

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