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Defending Free kicks

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I want to know if this i my tactic or is this a bug?


Every time my opponents get a free kick around the half way line and 1st half of my half, i always have a line of defenders marking the attackers(as you would expect) but then i always get 1 STUPID defender who then moves 3-5 yard closer to the goal line, the attackers then move closer, the other (correctly positioned) defenders dont follow therfore 5 attackers who are onside against the 1 stupid defender and almost in every case they score from it.

Ive tinkered with my defending set piece roles and have evern resorted to having just the back 4 defending them (against 6 attackers, to test) and still have that 1 defender who is not in line with the others. I have trained defending set pieces heavily and still the same.

So the question is....Does this happen to anyone else? and its not just my stupid defenders.

If it is just me any advise would be grateful as it is affecting my clean sheet record, and becoming really frustrating

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I've reported it many times.

I think the issue is that these freekicks are not considered attacking, thus your defensive freekick instrucitons are ignored. It still doesnt explain why there is some random killing the line, but ..... like I said..> BUG.

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