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[TUTORIAL] How to sync save games between Android devices

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Hi all,

I tend to play FMH on my Nexus 7 tablet but I don't always have it with me when I need a fix so I used an free app called FolderSync Lite and Google drive to sync my games between my Android phone and tablet. Below are the steps to do this yourself with FMH13 (FMH12 is basically the same but with a different save game directory).

1. Download FMH13 to each device you want to sync and make sure you have started a game on each one so that the save game directory has been created on the device.

2. Download FolderSync Lite from the Play Store onto each devices. (There is a paid version of the app that has extra features you may want but don't need for basic syncing.)

3. Open FolderSync Lite on your primary device and choose "Accounts"

4. Add a new account using the '+' icon.

5. Choose a cloud service account to store your save games. The easiest one to use would be Google Drive as all Android users will have one set up already but you can use Dropbox or any other service you wish.

6. After adding your cloud account, press Accounts in the top left and choose "Folderpairs"

7. Add a new Folderpair by pressing the '+' icon.

8. Give your Folderpair a name such as 'FMH'

9. Choose the cloud account you set up previously.

10. Use the next field to create a new folder on your remote drive to store the save games and select the folder using the tick icon.

11. Select the local save game directory. This will be fmh2013_data -> save_games.

12. Choose sync type "Two-way".

13. Tick "Use scheduled sync" and select how often you want the device to check for new games. I set it two once every 5 mins and have noticed any battery drain.

14. There are many other options such as notifications and what to do if a conflict occurs. Feel free to play around with these and set it up however suits you.

15. Save the new folderpair by pressing the disk icon.

16. You can the force a sync by selecting the new folderpair in the list and pressing the refresh icon.

17. Repeat steps 3-16 on each device you wish to sync to (the only difference is step 7 as the remote folder has already been created, from now on you will only select it).

I hope this helps people - I know save game syncing is a much requested feature and hopefully this will do until it games added into the fame itself!

P.s. you can also sync tactics etc by creating a folderpair for fmh2013_data/user_data

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  • SI Staff

This sounds useful but do be aware that it will use quite a whack of data so not advised over a mobile network. It may also cause issues with autosaving (i.e. if the folder is trying to sync at the same time as an autosave is being updated) so this is very much use-at-your-own-risk...

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Fortunately, the app restricts syncing to WiFi only by default too save mobile data.

As for a corrupted save it is a possibility but if you sync every 5 minutes like I do you would only run into an issue if you switch to the other device very quickly as a corrupted save would be replaced by the completed save within 5 mins. I've been syncing pretty much since fmh2013 was released and not had any issues - maybe I've just been lucky! :p

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