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Developing a Fullback.

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Hi guys,

I'm short in the right Fullback department, and thinking of bringing in this guy, who looks set to cost me around £10m (still negotiating at the minute). Based on the 'key attributes for role' he does quite well:

Crossing: 7

Marking: 14

Tackling: 14

Anticipation: 12

Concentration: 13

Positioning: 15

Teamwork: 14

Work Rate: 18

Acceleration: 16

Stamina: 16

Obviously, he can be trained, and my scouts rate him 5* at the moment. My question is, does he look like he is worth the punt, or should I be concerned with the low jumping, and his height? The trouble I'm having is finding anyone affordable that can tick all the boxes.


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He looks absolutely quality to be honest mate.

Depends how you use him.

My fullbacks are encouraged to run with the ball. So good crossing is required but also good shooting because they often zigzag there way into the middle of the pitch.

I would aim to get Crossing 12+ as well as improving finishing and off the ball.

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depending on how you want to use him/uses your full backs, you could do the naughty thing and put him on very high dribbling training until 15-16-17 or there about

If you are using attacking full backs he could destroy the opposition on his own with his high acc, pace, agility and balance, all you need to add is to train his dribbling

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If he was a centre back I'd be worried by his low jumping, it is less important for a full back. His overall attributes are outstanding, I'd put him on a Jumping focus, but I'd say go for it, looks a quality player to me :thup:

Agree with Bracken on this. I like my fb's to have decent jumping but it isn't absolutely essential. He's more than good enough in all the other areas and you can work on his jumping anyway.

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if you are looking for advice on training I'd say that the tactic/training forum is a better place to ask, and if you want advice on buying him its the buy/sell thread in this part of the forum

and yes you should buy him, unless you play defensive/counter/deep line with very defensive fullback roles, in which case he might need more jumping

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He's perfect. :applause:

His mentals are awesome, work rate, determination, composure, positioning, all more the adequate. Also, his physicals are great as agility and balance make him very useful as a full back. Jumping isn't too important, but I'd definitely suggest specifically focusing on training his jumping and crossing.

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