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Tutorials for FM13 buggy

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Hi all!

I have posted about this in the Bugs forum under Other Issues but thought I should post it here also. It seems some of the tutorials the game gives you are buggy. Particularly the one called "Make a Transfer Offer". In this tutorial, it is supposed to tell you how to make transfers of players. But it never gets started, because the tutorial refuses to allow you to press the highlighted search button - when I mouse over that button, I get a mouse cursor with an X next to it. This happened to me in the demo too. I was thinking SI would have seen other people's posts about the buggy tutorials and release a patch to fix them. I know of at least one other tutorial that is bugged (creating tactics). I am not happy with the lack of polish in the tutorials section (if i can't complete all the tutorials, I can't get the associated Steam achievement) but I am willing to read the in-game manual to help with learning the game.


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